Patchouli Forever


Rediscover patchouli in an even more intense woody version.

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If you like the heady vibration of patchouli, you will love this unique composition, which enhances the power of its scent.

Patchouli essence is used in perfumery for its stabilizing and binding properties. It is also an essential ingredient in chypre perfumes. In Patchouli Forever, however, patchouli is much more than that.

This green and woody oriental fragrance highlights the spicy charm of patchouli, its earthy accents and its Asian roots, on the occasion of an unforgettable walk in the forest.

Patchouli is a great match for oriental, woody and leathery notes. In this perfume, it is combined with the intense warmth of amber, and sublimated by the very sweet femininity of tonka bean and vanilla ̶- a modern tribute to the hippie years that put it in the spotlight.

Hippie is the new chic, as can be seen with that bewitching fragrance that leaves an exhilarating trail behind it.

Top notes: amber, patchouli, praline
Heart notes: cedar wood, sandalwood, leather
Base notes: cistus, tonka bean, copahu, vanilla, white musk


10 ml, 30 ml, 100 ml